Hire me.

I just added a new static page to the Irregular asking you to hire me for short consulting jobs. It’s not that I need the money (although it certainly wouldn’t hurt), but rather I enjoy being part of new DH projects and love traveling to new places. I’ve done a bunch of consulting work in the past; my favorites were helping out at Early Modern Letters Online at Oxford University, and leading a team to design and implement a virtual research environment for the CKCC in the Netherlands. I’ve also helped plan and worked on DH startup grants, Digging Into Data projects, and a handful of other projects you can find on my CV. In an effort to get more experience in various types of projects before I finish my Ph.D., as well as to travel more, I’m offering my experience to help plan digital humanities projects, create criteria for hiring DH faculty, design curricula, etc. If you want more information or know anyone who would like assistance in anything from computational methodologies to event planning, follow this link!

DH gun for hire. via.

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