a thousand little fires

This global pandemic is asking a lot of us, and the world is contorting itself to oblige. Amidst the growing fears and burdens that accompany this deformation, many of us are turning to small acts of creativity to help keep us afloat. I’m writing a short story (it’s not very good); my partner is knitting more; a friend is finally hanging pictures on his walls; another is painting portraits.

In an effort to inject some more positivity into this chaotic moment, however small, some friends and I created an outlet for your creations. We call it a thousand little fires, and we hope you’ll contribute. Every day, we’ll post one new thing that you’ve made while dealing with temporary isolation.

If you’ve been knitting, making music, baking bread, writing poetry, building an elaborate aquarium, or otherwise creating anything that has brought you some modicum of joy, send it over. Anonymous contributions welcome. Amateur contributions welcome. Unfinished contributions welcome. Everyone is welcome.

Please help us create a community of sharing. We’ll accept pictures, stories, artwork, recipes, and anything else we can fit on the web. Contributing is easy; details available here.

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